Raised in the small Pennsylvania town of Brockway, Jim always had an artistic side. At an early age, Jim started oil painting under the direction of Dorothy Hook. His paintings and artwork won him numerous awards over the years in the town’s Old Fashioned Fourth of July Art Show.


He attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he excelled in his studies. He had many projects displayed around the school and was a semi-finalist for a national magazine cover contest. Jim made Dean’s List several times and graduated with the third highest portfolio score in his class.


After graduation, Jim went to work for The Pittsburgh Press as a staff artist. After 10 years, Jim decided to take a break from art and went on to own and operate a pizza shop. His father always called him the “Pizza King” so he thought he would give that a try. After six years of flipping pizza, his desire to get back into the graphic design field was just too strong. He sold his shop and found employment with an old colleague, Tony Condello. He quickly learned how to operate the new computers everyone in the field was using and, with the help of his mentor Tony, learned numerous layout and design programs. From that point on, Jim knew that he made the right choice in getting back into the graphics field.


Over the years, Jim changed jobs and has held the positions of Art Director, Creative Director, Graphic Designer along with Office and Builder Manager. He excels in everything he does. Jim is a talented and dedicated designer and he has an eye for strong type design and page layout. His organizational skills helped him stay on track to manage and review 39 quarterly magazines as well as designing numerous magazines himself.


Jim always knew that there was a future for him as an artist. And over the years, he has proved that he enjoys what he does and is always trying to advance his skills and talent. Jim’s passion is magazine and editorial design and is currently looking to join a firm where he can share what he has learned over the years as well as, learn new programs and techniques from other seasoned designers.